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If you’re a fan of urban fantasy books, you’re likely on the lookout for the next good read. Look no further! Between Magic and Dreams is a fantasy novel set in Atlanta, GA. It is a thrilling story that will capture your imagination and keep you on the edge of your seat. See the world through the eyes of Kwen Phifer, a college student on the verge of graduation who unexpectedly finds himself on a perilous journey. He encounters Deedle, a mythical creature, who brings chaos and mayhem to Kwen's predictable existence. As one of two champions set to duel for the possession of this realm, he must discover the extraordinary within himself to meet the challenge and do so quickly. A phenomenon known as the New Light is already ushering shadows of the forgotten past into our world. Normalcy becomes a fleeting memory when Kwen is tasked with defending our reality by defeating the champion of the opposing forces in an epic showdown. Science and magic would soon clash in a duel to the death.  Kwen struggles to cast aside his fears and find it within himself to do what must be done. Can he conquer his adversaries and save our reality?


"The winds of change are upon us."


Indulge in a Good Urban Fantasy

This novel is the perfect addition to your fantasy book collection.  Visit our virtual shop to purchase signed copies of the book in hardcover and paperback formats. Personalization is also available. You can purchase other epic BMD merchandise such as stickers, posters, and bundles on our site. Don’t miss out! Order yours today!

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